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Create Memories

With very vast experience in creating the best tailor made safaris and set departures, we have mastered the art of delivering dreams to our travelers by making the most authentic and unique, personalized safaris to satisfy our traveler’s needs. We take care of traveler’s dreams. You share with us your safari dreams and we make them happen by offering the best and yet within your budget.

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Client Centric Packages

All our travelers are covered by AMREF flying doctors in case of any emergencies, this means they will be evacuated from wherever they will be to the nearest international facility in the East African region.

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Sustainable Travel

Knowing that our industry is (perhaps) the one investment that we borrow from our future selves, we deal with it as delicately as we hold our prized investments.

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Mission & Values

Our corporate mission and values underscore our commitment to investing in our future, without compromising on the quality of our service and dedication to you and the industry.